un passager

deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elles…


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Written by un passager

2013/08/08 at 04:16

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  1. Beautiful!


    2013/08/08 at 04:57

    • Thank you, and thank you for all your kind LIKEs!

      un passager

      2013/08/08 at 13:26

      • I finally had some time to explore your past postings. Well worth it and a lot more yet to see!


        2013/08/08 at 14:53

      • Thanks David — that is high praise. You’ll see I linked to your own wonderful collection from mine. My images are rather random and thoroughly amateurish but I have the fortune to travel frequently and see some unusual or charming scenes!

        un passager

        2013/08/08 at 20:06

      • My postings started out pretty random, and as I get better with Photoshop Elements, I tend to spend more time in a single folder of photos, and I try to post a full week at once, so the week’s worth of photos tend to actually have some sense of organization! Maybe.


        2013/08/08 at 22:27

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